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Please review answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do the FAQs for Residential Organizing also apply to Business Organizing?

Many of the residential FAQs also apply to business organizing. Please, therefore, check those FAQs to see whether the answers to your questions are covered there.

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Are there any statistics showing that using a professional organizer can increase the efficiency and profitabily of a business?

Many studies have been done documenting the inefficiencies that occur in most businesses (see below). A professional organizer will help you overcomr these problems and create a more efficient work place.

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Can my business afford professional organizing?

Yes! The question should be "Can you afford not to be organized?" Professional organizing will more than pay for itself in greater productivity, streamlined operations, reduced stress, higher worker morale; all leading to increased profitability. For your convenience, services can be purchased by the hour, the day, or as a package designed to suit your budget and needs.

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