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Please review answers to some frequently asked questions:

There is so much good 'stuff' in excellent condition. Although I can't use it now, should I rent storage space to hold some of it?

If you think that you might soon be moving and want to hold on to some items for your new residence, then a storage space might be a great answer to your needs. However, in general terms, you have to ask yourself, do I want to move unwanted, unneeded 'stuff' to a different location where I have to pay money every month in case I need it some day in the future? OR, do I really want to feel better and figure out how to deal with all of this 'stuff' now, either by giving it away, selling it, throwing it away, gifting it, or keeping it? I am always on the side of the latter option.

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This home is full of so many memories. How can I part with all the treasured possesions?

I often find that my clients consider so much of the items in the estate that they are trying to dispose of, to be treasured until we actually sit down and really talk about it. The amount that is truly treasured is usually not that much. There are many reasons why 'stuff' is kept and I will help you figure that out and then be able to act accordingly.

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