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Please review answers to some frequently asked questions:

My insurance policy covers my home's contents. Why do I need an inventory?

The policy states a maximum coverage value for the home's contents, but when submitting a claim, the burden of proof identifying exactly what was actually lost is the homeowner's responsibility. A well-documented home inventory meets that requirement.

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What is replacement cost coverage and what is actual cash value coverage?

Replacement cost coverage is insurance that pays the amount needed to replace damaged personal property with items of like kind or quality without deduction for depreciation. Actual cash value coverage is insurance under which the policyholder receives an amount equal to the current value of the lost or damaged property. If you have 'actual cost value' coverage you will be reimbursed for what the lost items are worth which is usually only a portion of the real cost of replacing them. Please discuss this with your insurance agent to see what is best for you.

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Can I have an inventory created for my business?

Yes! If you have a small business or home office we can provide a detailed inventory for you. We also offer inventory services for larger businesses. Please ask about our business inventory services.

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Can I associate warranties, insurance details, and other information with each item?

The program allows multiple documents to be associated with each item.

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What if I don't want my entire house inventoried?

No problem. For instance, you might decide that anything kept in the basement has no real value, in which case you simply waive doing that area.

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What is the cost of having an Inventory done?

We have different packages available depending on size and contents of your home. During your complimentary telephone assessment, we can discuss your specific project and costs.

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