the RZ connection


Please review answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is the RZ connection fully insured?

Yes. The RZ connection carries full liability insurance.

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How long does it take to unpack and do the 'Move-in'?

The timeframe for unpacking in your new home will depend on the square footage, number of boxes, how quickly you want the house up and running, and, of course, your budget. Some clients have a budget for a certain number of hours and use that for their priorities such as kitchen, childrens' rooms, etc. If a client is interested in having the house unpacked and running in a short time, then we con do that by having a larger team working together. You choose the deadline and we will meet it.

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How about moving across country?

Some of our clients have moved across the country and we can either go with them and/or arrange to have an organizing and move specialist ready to help at the destination. We work with the team at the destination to assure a smooth and stress free 'Move-in' for the client and family.

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