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Please review answers to some frequently asked questions:

What is a Professional Organizer?

A professional organizer supports and empowers clients through the creative and ethical application of organizing systems and processes, and the transfer of organizing skills, to develop appropriate and lasting solutions for their individual needs. The services offered by individual professional organizers vary but encompass the following (this list is largely applicable to both residential and business organizing):

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How can a Professional Organizer help me?

A professional organizer will help motivate you, and keep you motivated, as you develop new, more organized, habits. You will become more organized, less frustrated, and live the life you want! An organizer will work with you to develop a plan and begin the process of getting organized. Cluttered areas will be transferred into desirable living space allowing you to fully enjoy your home.

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What type of people/organizations use professional organizing services?

Most people and organizations benefit from using professional organizing services. Examples include:

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Can I afford professional organizing?

Yes! For your convenience, services can be purchased by the hour, the day, or sometimes by the job designed to suit your budget and needs.

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What if I would like to do the work myself?

Consultations are available to set you on the right track.

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I am too busy with work. How do I get organized?

Realize that by organizing, you will gain time and that the initial investment in time and money should be regained many times over. The question should be: "Can I afford not to organize?"

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What is the biggest cause of disorganization?

Busy lives and workplaces. We are often overloaded with responsibilities - trying to balance many different aspects of our lives e.g. work, family, household responsibilities, involvement in our communities, caring for the aged or ill, social/children's activities - and the list goes on. There is often no time, or energy, left for trying to get things organized, especially if it doesn't come naturally or easily to us. Organizing is a life skill that is not being taught at school. The good news is that it is a learnable skill; you don't have to be born organized.

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I am not sure I want someone to see all my clutter, my personal things, see all my mess and how disorganized I am. Perhaps it would be better for me to just try and do it all myself or see if a friend or family member can help me?

It is normal to feel this way when thinking about asking someone to help us. Social workers and professional organizers are non-judgmental and are there to help you live your best life. Services are confidential and members of the NSASW and POC follow codes of ethics. Sometimes the biggest challenges are knowing where to start, staying motivated, and actually finishing the work. A professional can help with all these things - and more.

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What qualifications make a successful Professional Organizer?

A successful professional organizer will have a background that includes several key elements:

You will also find that the majority of successful organizers have a degree and a managerial or administrative background.

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Do I really need to hire a Professional Organizer?

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions; consider contacting a Professional Organizer.

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