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The RZ Connection provides home and business inventory services. Inventory clients receive professionally prepared lists, including photographs, of the personal property located in and around their homes and/or businesses. The inventory is presented in printed form but can also be provided as computer files and accessed using a computer.


There are many benefits of having a home inventory with all of them contributing to 'peace of mind'. A major obvious reason is to have an accurate, comprehensive, accessible report for possible insurance claims. Such a report is your best defense against loss due to accident, theft or natural disaster but there are many other good reasons to know the details and value of all your possessions. Consider the following possible reasons:

Do not forget to include in your Home Inventory the property stored elsewhere, perhaps in a storage area, garage or even a second home or boat.


A professional inventory of your property and assets will most probably be needed at a time of great stress. Whether the need is caused by fire, flood, theft, divorce, bancruptcy, leaving one's home, or for some other reason, this time of loss will not be a good one to try and produce an accurate record of all your possessions. It needs to be done beforehand. The RZ connection recognizes the importance of the home inventory and therefore takes great care in 'doing it' right.

We begin the inventory process by having an in-depth conversation with you so that we can focus on a customized inventory suitable for your needs. Once the needs are understood, we photograph the home, including outside buildings, then move inside and photograph the contents of every room including the garage, basement and attic. These photographs along with a written description of each item listing such data as summary description, serial/model number, cost, estimated value, heir assignment, and other available information provide a full and detailed accounting of your possessions.

We then enter all the information into an inventory software program and produce various detailed asset reports for safekeeping. Printed and electronic versions of these reports are available. A maintenance package for quarterly or annual updates is also offered.


The typical homeowner's insurance policy covers damage resulting from fire and natural disasters as well as other causes of loss, such as theft and the extra cost of living elsewhere which the structure is being repaired or rebuilt. Although your homeowner's policy will cover some personal property losses, you may be required to insure valuables such as antiques, jewellery, furs, works of art, silverware, and various collections separately under special riders to your policy.

Having an up-to-date home inventory ensures faster and more accurate claim settlements, verifies losses for income tax returns and details personal property enabling you to have the correct amount of insurance coverage. It is a resource that should be used in determining how much insurance to carry, whether you should insure for actual cost or replacement cost, and whether you need to have additional riders to cover your valuables.


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