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See what some of our clients are saying about us.

"...very pleasant and thorough -- would recommend!"

Myrna V., NYC

"...wonderful team to work with. Very pleasant!! Thank you very much for all the help provided."

Felix A., NYC

"My decision to hire a professional organizer was a shock to friends and business colleagues; there are not many people as organized as I am but, - and it is the but that tells the story. Moving is emotional; paring down one's life is overwhelming; nostalgia can be paralyzing. My husband and I were looking forward to a new adventure, downsizing our home, and reducing the stuff we have accumulated over thirty-five years of living in our home. In four hours Randi Hutton was able to help me to begin the formidable process, and get things on a workable schedule. She made it manageable, and helped me to engage my family in the process. That had its own rewards. Thank you Randi!-"

Sandy L., Connecticut

"Thank you! Such a GREAT help!"

Hugo G., Connecticut

"Fantastic Job! Thanks so much!"

Ariel R., Connecticut